Rights of smokers

Following the proliferation of organized persecution against smoking in "rich" countries by governments who see smoking as cows, associations defending the rights of tobacco users have been created around the world. They are designed to create pressure groups to counterbalance the weight of the tobacco lobbies, and denounce the manipulation of state persecution of smokers and the proliferation of the use of fallacious arguments. We have compiled below a small list of sites of these organizations. Please help us to complete.


A committee of French smokers created in 2006 to fight against the permanent increase in the tobacco and its ban in public places. It aims to educate politicians on the eve of an election in 2007 busy year.


Defense site smokers and tobacconists created at the initiative of French tobacconists.

Club rights of British smokers


An international forum for discussing the defense of smokers and their rights.


Site smoking New York


A French manufacturer that has launched a line of badges that « loose cluster »  for smoking