We reproduce below some of the messages of satisfaction that our customers have sent us. If you also have ordered cigarettes mesclopes.com and want to send us your testimony, you can go to the « Feedback » page, under « Checkout ».


Daniel A., Strasbourg, France
Effective and inxepensive! Thank you very much for the service that you offered for some time now. Since I've been using it, I made real savings, and I think I stopped being bamboozled the name of "public health".
Robert M., Paris, France
It's been at least three years since I've been ble to buy my cigarettes so simply did Such a competitive price. Bravo for Being so efficient! You promised delivery in less than 7 working days, I aim Often get my packages Within 5 days.
A very satisfied customer, Aurillac, France
€ 35 for ten packs of Marlboro and very acceptable delivery times; I’m really satisfied. What’s more, you are one of the websites to honour your commitments. I can confirm that your cigarettes are authentic and have the same taste as those I used to buy previously (for more).
Nicolas M., Gant, Belgique
Thanks to your system of a “test packet”, I tried a new brand which I really like, and which let me save even more. Now I pay € 30 per carton for my cigarettes. Well done! And with the price increase of cigarettes in Belgium on 1st January 2007, the price of my packet of cigarettes has gone down!
Mme J.L., Vendee, France
Thank you for fast shipping, and good packaging! For my first order on May 15, via the internet, I now receive on May 21 despite the bridges you're fast! of course I will inform others who may be intéressés.Good luck! J. L.
nicolas .c
Congratulations to the speed of order processing! always well received and a lot cheaper! thank you !