To facilitate your choice, we have established a new and very convenient test ® package system.

We are indeed aware that you may want to test our service before placing larger orders. We also know that you may like to try some of our cigarette brands before ordering whole cartridges. You may also want to test yourself the quality of our genuine cigarettes?

Now, nothing could be simpler! We now propose to order the « Pack Test ® » a pack of cigarettes individual page of your choice. You can even control multiple packets ® tests if you want (for example, to test several brands). You can test on your own all the brands you want, even if these individual orders we can not offer as attractive conditions for orders of cartridges.

Once you have found the quality of our service and you have decided which of our cigarette brands best for you, you will command us by cigaretes cartridges, and be able to achieve even more significant savings (about 30 % on a pack of Marlboro).

Waiting to serve you

The team