Terms and conditions

(Effective from 01/01/2007)

Buyer accepts the terms and conditions of sale the following when making an order on this site. The relationship between the client (also called " the Purchaser") and the site operator (also called the "Seller") are governed by these provisions.

I) Control

1)Client engagements

The Customer warrants have reached legal majority in their state of residence at the time of purchase.It undertakes to communicate during the passage control his true identity.

The client acknowledges being aware of the dangers of tobacco use and make these purchases conscientiously.The buyer releases the site operator of any liability for any harmful effects of tobacco purchased. In addition, and in order to benefit from the provisions of EU law ( including the Single European Act of 14 February 1986 and Article 8 of Directive 92/12/EEC of 25 February 1992) products purchased must be intended for use personnel.

2)Passage control and website

The control passage occurs on this website.The sale is concluded when the buyer has validated his order and payment and after accepting these terms and conditions of sale.

In case of unavailability of a controlled product, the site operator will notify affected customers as soon as possible to offer them a choice between waiting for the availability of the item, replace it with a similar reference or be refunded .

The uploaded photos are not contractual.

The site operator reserves the right to change the offers and sales conditions of the site at any time . Such a decision , however, not affect orders already validated by customers.

To facilitate delivery, the buyer must submit its complete and correct at the time of ordering coordinates .

For safety , the client IP address is recorded in the validation of the order.

Except in cases of force majeure, any order becomes irrevocable upon confirmation of payment .

3 ) Products

The site operator agrees to provide authentic products.

4) Blacklist and block account

The site operator reserves the right to block the account of any user abusive practices by adding blacklisted . Such a client will be unable to place an order until an agreement between the two parties has not been found .

II) Payment

1) Payment Methods

Payment for orders is made by credit card only. The following cards are accepted: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB.

Payment is made through the company and its Allpay secure payment platform. The card number of the customer is therefore never communicated to the website operator.

The levy will appear on the bank statement with the wording "Allpay."

Displayed prices are incl. The currency of payment of the site is the Euro. On the English version of the website, an indicative conversion is displayed in Pounds Sterling. Upon payment, due to the current constraints Allpay, it is priced in Polish zlotys (prices in Euros converted at the current exchange rate of the Polish central bank) which is charged to the customer's card. Note that some credit card issuers may charge a foreign exchange fee of around 2 to 3% on such an operation.

The customer agrees that the credit card being used is valid with the explicit consent of the owner.

2) Confirmation of payment

Once payment is made, the company Allpay sends a confirmation of validation / invalidation of the transaction within 24 hours to the site operator. An email is then sent to the customer informing them of the status of his order.

If the transaction is accepted by the payment center, then the control goes into treatment.

If it is rejected, the customer is notified and the order is canceled.

3) Banking Litigation

Payments made on the website appear at the end of the month with the wording "Allpay."

In case of dispute debits, for the sake of cooperation and efficiency, it is up to the customer to contact the operator in a timely manner to moye the contact form.

The customer agrees not to initiate a challenge procedure with their bank or agency credit card.

In case he fails this commitment, it would be immediately added to the blacklist site and will not be able to order. He also loses all its other rights (sponsorship credits, competitions etc..), Without prejudice to any legal damages.

The radiation from the blacklist is only possible at the discretion of the site operator, a time all costs arising from the challenge brought by the customer paid to the operator.

At the time of the order, all the information of the buyer are recorded, as well as technical data (IP address, etc.). The site operator reserves the right, in case of dispute a payment, any steps it deems necessary to the competent authorities.

III)Shipping and receiving orders

1) Shipping methods & costs

Orders are shipped in discreet packaging by post. The seller reserves the right to group products shipped in the manner it deems appropriate: consolidation of multiple orders from the same client, burst control important in several parcels, etc ...

Shipping costs are included in the prices quoted in the shop, to except for shipments to the United Kingdom. In the latter case, when finalizing the order, a charge of around € 9 per cartridge, and 0.9 € packet is applied.

At the completion of the command, the user can, for a fee, choose a recommended shipping with acknowledgment reception.

2) Time

The site operator does its best to expedite the processing and shipping of purchases. Except in cases of force majeure, the receipt of purchase is guaranteed within seven working days (though the reception is often much faster than that) . The order is processed and shipped after confirmation Allpay validation of payment.

However, the site operator will not be held responsible for any delays in receipt of his will, among other things related to shortages of suppliers, to malfunctions in the postal agencies or other force majeure .

In the case where the seller provides before shipping an order, delivery delays , it contacts the buyer to offer him a refund, a deferred receipt , or change the order.

3)  Litigation cases receiving

a ) non-receipt

The transfer of ownership of purchased products occurs at the time of shipment . In case of non receipt from the 9th day of receipt of the email informing the customer of the acceptance of the payment, the customer must notify the seller as soon as possible ( in this case the contact details of the customer , the date and the order number ). Where appropriate, a claim will be sent to the carrier , and the seller will consider a goodwill gesture , which remains in its sole discretion .

The process of going back a number of participation in the Contest constitutes an irrefutable acknowledgment receipt from the participant.

The site operator reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason will be found useful , such as for a customer who would have difficulty receiving their orders.

b ) Incorrect receipt of order

If an order arrives damaged , or that its content does not match the customer's request , it has 7 days from receipt to inform the vendor , and refer to it the offending package . All these items will then be refunded or exchanged for free, provided they are returned in their original sealed packaging.

c ) Application of the tax authorities

In so far as products ordered on the site are for personal consumption , they were taxed in their country of purchase , and the transport was done by customer care , no additional tax can not and must be paid.

If despite this, it happened that a customer is asked to pay a fee before retrieving the package, he must refuse , request a certificate and prevent the seller. It will either make a return or refund in exchange for the certificate.

4) Warranty «  satisfied   or reimbursed »

Website customers benefit from a " money back " guarantee .

To qualify, simply return to the shipping address within seven days of receipt , unopened packages of the order , together with an explanatory letter. The unhappy customer will be refunded the original unopened package , net of shipping costs and payment . The site operator reserves the right to refuse orders from a customer who plays this clause improperly.

IV) The sponsorship system

1) Operation

Sponsorship has two objectives : to allow site visitors to make it known to their families while rewarding them for their loyalty by offering them "credits sponsorship ." These are deducted from product orders made ​​on the site.

To sponsor someone, the visitor must go to the page for that purpose. There goes his name, email, and the name and email godson . Finally, the sponsor tape personalized message he wants to send to the recipient ( unless he prefers to use the standard message in this box ). When sponsorship form is validated, an email is automatically sent to godson to invite him to visit the site. From there , the sponsorship credits are automatically and regularly credited to the account of the sponsor , depending on further detailed rules.

Any visitor to the site can sponsor his knowledge. However, to benefit from the sponsorship credits , the sponsor must be registered as a member of the site and use the same email address when placing an order and when someone sponsors .

2) Allocation of appropriations & sponsorship

Sponsorship credits are awarded for each control a godson according to the following scale:
Carton of cigarettes: € 1.5
Test packet : 0 €

These are credited to the account of the sponsor and validated if it is already registered on the site , 14 days after the godson ordered. Once these credits have been validated , they will come against future orders Sponsor , knowing however that for each validation control , a minimum of € 1 shall be paid .

The customer can consult online personal space , the balance of his sponsorship awaiting approval , the balance of credits validated and the amount of credits already consumed.

3) Restrictions on use of the sponsorship system and associated credits

Credits sponsorships are not monetized or assignable or transferable. At the closing of an account, all associated sponsorship credits are canceled.
A customer does not have the right to self -sponsor, otherwise he loses all rights to sponsorship credits , including those earned through legitimate referrals.
Sponsorship credits are awarded only registered on the website sponsors .

If a godson was sponsored by several persons , only the first key sponsor credit on orders of this godson. However, for reasons of confidentiality, any time a user does not know if the godson he proposes is already registered or not . For the same reasons, the credit account to sponsor a client never tell which of his godchildren he must .

Already sponsor a client site person is not eligible for credits sponsorship .

It is forbidden for users of the site to use spam ( either from their own mailbox or in the form of sponsorship of the site) to find referrals. Any user violating this rule will forfeit any right to sponsor , can optionally be added to the blacklist of the site, without prejudice to any proceedings for damages.

Any objection made ​​to a bank or credit card by a customer against payment for the services of the site will result in de facto cancellation of all credit sponsorship of the user, as well as those credited to the potential sponsor of this godson under the impugned order.

The operator reserves the right to discontinue or modify the sponsorship program at any time. In such a case , holders of sponsorship credits will have one month from the notification by email of this judgment to use funds at their disposal .

V )Privacy

Data site customers will remain completely confidential , confidentiality guaranteed by the provisions of EU law.In no case the customer details will not be disclosed to a third party. In this respect also, the detailed names of the winners will remain secret.

The customer information is exclusively intended to ensure the smooth processing of orders .